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Home Maintenance

I have visited so many homes that need little things done, but people don't get around to it or don't know who to hire.
Right now, I'm able to offer my Home Maintenance Service Plan for $600 a year or $50 monthly (Credit Card accepted), If you want HVAC services (heating and cooling check ups in Spring and Fall) I will offer your The HVAC Guy Service Plan for $149 a year or $75 a visit (That's $50 off the normal price)visit my hvac site at:

Here's the deal..for your house.

Dave "That's me" will agree to work up to TWO hours per month on a repair, replace or install (materials & p/u and delivery are not included) electrical outlets, switches, breakers, water heater elements, water heater thermostats, and other devices that get old and worn out. example: motion sensor lights

I move fast so lots of things can happen in two hours if you have parts ready. It can take a while to figure out what's wrong or to get parts. half the battle!

The same applies to your indoor plumbing such as water heater supply lines, Pressure & temperature overflow, sink drains, supply lines, toilet valves, toilet supply line(s), bathtub drain, vanity drain, garbage disposal install, any indoor plumbing all the way to the garden hose spicket.

Yes, the outdoor fencing, gates, deck boards and any minor repair taking up to an TWO hours of my time per month. This is not to take the place of a Home Warranty Contract but does cover things they do not.

So if your storm door closer got bent in the wind or the toilet fill valve is worn out and you just can't bring yourself to stick your hands in there, you would just call me and I will stop by and help you for $50 a questions asked. After TWO hours I will charge my normal fee, which is $12 qtr hour for electrical, plumbing, hvac and carpentry work

My service plan does NOT include pre-existing problems caused by storms. That is a home warranty or insurance claim work. This is a service agreement to repair what has broken under normal use or when you've decided it's time to upgrade something old-even if it still works.

This does not cover replacing any major appliance fixture, such as furnace, water heater, a/c. I will do the job at my normal prices which are really fair!

If Dave "That's me" cannot respond to your request within ONE week I can be texted or reminded by phone if you think I forgot you-memory's are not always perfect. ya know what I mean! I have been doing this for 20 plus years now-I usually don't forget but it happens.

NOTE: If you call me about a loose doorknob in your bathroom, I will stop by when I'm in the area...please be patient( maybe a week ) as sometimes I get overwhelmed with calls-that's a good thing..I hope you understand.

Electrical-switches, outlets, breakers

Plumbing-faucet repairs (if possible), toilet repairs, indoor plumbing leak repair, indoor drain repair

HVAC- covers diagnostic of furnace and outdoor unit if it malfunctions
(Other labor and materials not included)
If you get a backup in the bathtub, this is covered By Dave's Home Maintenance Agreement

If you garbage disposal dies, I will install a unit you buy under the agreement

If the toilet fill valve isn't working, I'll fix it

If a breaker keeps flipping, I will find out why and fix it.

What do you do when your dryer lint trap is plugged? Call David
Dave's Home Maintenance Agreement will work for you

All jobs must be scheduled from 8-4:30 M-F
If your storm door breaks in a wind storm, I will meet you at a store or deliver one for you. I will install it for a fair price

$89 for two hours of handymans services-limited
SAVE $10


You a purchasing service work to be done by Dave's Handyman Express specializing in all general home repairs in a radius of 25 miles from Ada, Ohio.  To redeem your coupon, you will need to call Dave at 419-326-6000-This number goes right to our cell phone. I do have a voice mail if I miss your call. See you soon!


Your are pre-paying for service from Dave's Handyman Express.  I will provide up to 4 hours of service in your home or office for $195. $45 savings   I bring all the tools and experience to tackle the job. I usually work within a radius of 30 miles from my office in Ada, Ohio near ONU. 
All work is guaranteed!  Give me a call at 419-937-6964 -cell phone- direct line-no waiting.  If I miss you, I have a voice mail.  Give me call.

You are purchasing Entire Home and Dryer air duct cleaning service from Dave's Handyman Express/The H-Vac GUY air duct service for $450. This coupon entitles you to have normally maintained air ducts cleaned. Extra charges will occur if the duct work has never been cleaned or if you have more than two main returns.
Call David Evans at 419-937-6964 to schedule your service.